Cliffside [feat. doublejoeseven]

from Personal Growth by electronic orange juice



I've always had a fascination with water. Growing up in Southern California with their water problems, I ended up with the idea that water can do no wrong - so what if it's a thunderstorm, or a hurricane, it's /water/ and it's /clean/. (And I come here and people worry about hurricanes and I just sort of stare at them. That's how I know I'm from somewhere else.)

When I was young, once, my family lived in a house very close to the sea - maybe twenty yards away from the beach, and the edge of the sea itself another few paces beyond that. I spent hours staring at the water from the attic windows.

Water, and life, are inextricably intertwined. I mean, we arose from the seas in the first place. So that's where it comes from.


from Personal Growth, released October 21, 2012
Chord pad for Cliffside originally by doublejoeseven (




electronic orange juice Chicago, Illinois

A folder full of soundfonts, a classical music education, and a lot of time.

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