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Explicitly Replay Value in concept: You have to live up to an ideal, of Title of Aspect. The problem is, it's an ideal that it is difficult for you to personally accept, for whatever reason. Maybe you always pretended to be a Knight of Breath. Maybe you were raised to believe that the work of a Maid of Mind was wrong, or not important. Maybe you've always thought being a Witch of Rage was unattainable, for yourself. Maybe you're just personally repelled by the idea of being a Thief of Time.

Fortunately, this is exactly the thing about yourself that Sburb wants to fix. Or sometimes "fix", as it were. But there's always that grain of truth.

There's a grain of truth in a lot of things, if I look closely enough. I've figured out that much.


from Personal Growth, released October 21, 2012




electronic orange juice Chicago, Illinois

A folder full of soundfonts, a classical music education, and a lot of time.

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